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Armored Apron Covers

Description: Comprised of high strength aluminum extruded plates interlocked by durable and long-lasting polyurethane hinge elements, KabelSchlepp Armored Apron Covers provide positive protection of machine ways from hot chips, abrasives, and other wear causing agents.

Armored Apron Covers

Key Benefits

  • High strength aluminum extrusions provide positive protection of machine ways from hot chips, abrasives and other wear-causing agents.
  • Aluminum elements interlocked with durable, long-lasting polyurethane hinge elements.
  • May be used as a alternative to a telescopic way cover.
  • Requires a minimum amount of space.
  • Low-cost solution to potential high-cost repair or replacement.
  • Simple and quick mounting.
  • Helps assure long maintenance-free guide-way life.

Cable & Hose Carrier Accessories (PDF - 2.35 MB)

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