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Telescopic Box Cover Way-Wipers

KabelSchlepp Box Cover Wipers are resistant to constant temperatures of approximately 80° C and can withstand temperatures of up to 130° C for approximately 60 minutes. KabelSchlepp Box Cover Wipers can also be covered with a steel shield which offers excellent protection against hot chips.

Telescopic Box Cover Way-Wipers

Telescopic Box Cover Way-Wipers MA WIPER SERIES

KabelSchlepp Telescopic Box Cover Wipers

Standard Lengths = As Specified
Wipers = 0.5 Meters, Shields = 0.5 Meters

Item Part Stock # Length
MA-8 Wiper 79201 0.5 Meter Black Only
MA-8 Protection Strip 778090 0.5 Meter Only
MA-12 Wiper 79211 0.5 Meter Black Only
MA-12 Protection Strip 78100 0.5 Meter Only
MA-12.1 Wiper Blade 79212 Continuous Only
MA-12.1 Shield 3921 1.0 Meter Only

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