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U.S. Tsubaki, Inc. Gearmotors


U.S. Tsubaki, Inc. gearmotors eliminate uncomfortable noise and are the most compact and easy-to-use designs available today that allow for efficient automation and high productivity in any field.

Face Mounting

With a face-mounted configuration, the gearmotor bolts are applied on the output side where the threads are located. This configuration improves stability and overhung load strength, allowing full utilization of the output shaft.

Efficient Design

U.S. Tsubaki gearmotors are made to integrate perfectly with surrounding equipment. A threaded output shaft and maintenance free design provides superior performance. Low Noise

Uncomfortable noise levels have been eliminated (6dB decrease in Tsubaki tests) using new technology and integrated design concepts.

  • Tsubaki-Emerson Gearmotor & Hypoid Motor TA Series Catalog:
Motorized Type Motorized Type

PDFFeatures • Nomenclature (PDF 205KB)

PDFSpecifications (PDF 606KB)

PDFSpecification Chart (PDF 69KB)

PDFOutline Dimensions Non-brake/Foot mount/Face mount (PDF 1.3MB)

PDFOutline Dimensions Brake type/Foot mount/Face mount (PDF 1.4MB)

PDFStructure • Options • Installation • Others (PDF 397KB)

PDFFeatures • Nomenclature (PDF 254KB)

PDFSpecifications (PDF 64KB)

PDFSpecification Chart (PDF 85KB)

PDFOutline Dimensions Non-brake/Hollow shaft/Foot mount/Face mount (PDF 2.4MB)

PDFOutline Dimensions Brake type/Hollow shaft/Foot mount/Face mount (PDF 2.5MB)

PDFStructure • Options • Installation• Selection • Others (PDF 646KB)

Inline Reducer Type Adapter Type

PDFStructure • Specification Chart (PDF 115KB)

PDFOutline Dimensions Foot mount/Face mount (PDF 1.3MB)

PDFStructure • Specification Chart (PDF 170KB)

PDFOutline Dimensions Foot mount/Face mount/Hollow Shaft(PDF 1MB)

Adapter Type Inline Reducer Type

PDFStructure • Specification Chart (PDF 155KB)

PDFOutline Dimensions Foot mount/Face mount (PDF 1.3MB)

PDFStructure • Specification Chart (PDF 112KB)

PDFOutline Dimensions Foot mount/Face mount/Hollow Shaft (PDF 1MB)

CB Gearmotor  

PDFFeatures (PDF 154KB)

PDFSpecifications (PDF 400KB)

PDFSpecification Chart (PDF 53KB)

PDFOutline Dimensions Foot mount/Face mount (PDF 1.5MB)


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