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MC 1300 Cable Carrier

MC Series with 87 mm inner height - the new MC 1300.

Large, robust, multifaceted, and highly customizable

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

The proven M Series has been expanded with a larger type. The MC 1300 is a very robust cable carrier that can be used for short unsupported applications and extremely long travel lengths.

The optimized geometry of the side bars gives the cable carriers superior stability and long service life. Aluminum stays lower the abrasion of the cable jacket.

Cranes, factory automation, general mechanical engineering.

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

MC Series Types

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

MC 1300 Key Features

  • robust construction, suitable even for the toughest ambient conditions
  • available in 1 mm width increments for a custom fit
  • long unsupported travel length
  • gentle on the cables, strong low-friction aluminum stays
  • long service life from minimum hinge wear
  • can be quickly opened on the inside and outside radii for installation and service of cables and hoses
  • also highly suitable for applications where the carrier is installed on its side and for high transverse accelerations (dividers can be securely locked in place)
  • pivot point locking bolts make installing and adding or removing sections of track easy
  • wide variety of cavity partitioning and separation options for the cables and hoses
  • C-rail for mounting strain relief can be easily integrated into the end connector
  • replaceable glide-shoes extend system life in long-travel gliding applications

DimensionsDimensions in mm
Type hi hG Inside widths Bi* Outside widths BK
min max
MC 1300 87 120 100 800 Bi + 50


MC 1300 Cable Carrier * Available in width increments of 1 mm for a custom fit to any application.

Inside widths / Inside height

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

Link Pitch t = 130 mm

Bend radii KR

Available Bend Radii (KR) in mm
150 195 240 280
320 360 400 500

More information on MC 1300

Robust, durable, and customizable

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

Solid plate construction, enclosed stroke system.

Triple stops. Robust, stabile and for long unsupported lengths. Ideal for tough ambient conditions (dirt) and outdoor applications (such as crane systems).

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

Easy installation with locking bolts. Custom fit.

The side plates are connected with locking bolts. This makes it easy to install and disassemble the carrier.

Minimized hinge wear thanks to the "life extending 2 disc principle"

With the MC 1300, the push and pull forces are transmitted via the optimum link design for this purpose. As a result link wear is reduced to a minimum and the service life of the cable carrier is considerably lengthened.

MC 1300 Cable Carrier
  • Force transmission with a pin-hole joint.
MC 1300 Cable Carrier
  • Force transmission for the MC 1300 with the "life extending 2 disc principle".

Screwed aluminum stays for opening inside and outside

The MC 1300 stay systems have additional advantages:

  • maximum flexing strength with minimized weight
  • minimized cable abrasion due to low friction between aluminum frame stays and conventional cable and hose jacket materials
MC 1300 Cable Carrier
  • Stay variant RMF - stays affixed to each side with 1 screw.
    Inside/outside: stays can be quickly released for laying cables.
MC 1300 Cable Carrier
  • For extreme applications with chain widths up to 800 mm, the proven solid frame stay RM is available that can be screwed with 4 screws.

Various separation options for the cables

With the divider systems for the MC 1300, you can organize the inside of the cable and hose carrier:

  • Standard dividers for vertical and continuous horizontal height subdivision.
  • Partition systems made of plastic or aluminum for more challenging separations.
MC 1300 Cable Carrier

Divider system TS 0
with standard vertical dividers

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

Divider system TS 1
with additional continuous height subdivision.

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

Divider system TS 3
with plastic or aluminum partitions.

Ideal for long travel lengths

Replaceable glide shoes for gliding arrangements.

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

In the case of cable carriers in gliding arrangement, the gliding surfaces are exposed to particularly heavy loads.
At high travel speeds, when contamination exists or when there is a high number of travel cycles, highly abrasion resistant glide shoes can be used.

This can practically double the service life of the carriers since only the glide shoes have to be exchanged when there is wear in the gliding area. Otherwise the entire cable carrier has to be exchanged.

  • Fast assembly of the glide shoes.

Roller holder for use in the Rail Cable Carrier - RCC

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

As with all other types in the M Series, the new MC 1300 is ideal for use in our new Rail Cable Carrier (RCC) roller system for extremely long travel lengths over 500 m (see Rail Cable Carrier - RCC).
MC 1300 Cable Carrier

A reliable solution for the applications on their side

Also highly suitable for applications where the carrier is installed on its side and for extreme transverse accelerations (fixable dividers with RMF stay variants).

MC 1300 Cable Carrier
  • Fixing on both sides (in 4 mm steps) ensures that the dividers have a secure hold.
MC 1300 Cable Carrier
  • The fixing profiles are simply pushed into the stays.

Easy connection with integratable C-rails for strain relief elements

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

  • UMB (Universal Mounting Brackets
    Inside open for easy and fast installation.

UMB (Universal Mounting Brackets) made of plastic

With the UMB (Universal Mounting Brackets), you can connect the MC 1300 very easily from "above, below and at the front". The open construction ensures optimum accessibility and easy and quick installation.

MC 1300 Cable Carrier

  • UMB (Universal Mounting Brackets
    Inside open for easy and fast installation.

Strain relief devices.

The C-rails are fixed together with the end connectors and do not have to be screwed separately.

Different C-rails are available with slot widths of 11 and 17 mm.

Varitrak MC Cable Carrier (PDF - 6.72 MB)

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