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Robotrax Cable Carrier

A new twist in dynamic cable and hose management!

The new Robotrax cable and hose carrier solution allows controlled 3D movement of cables and hoses in applications such as rotating robotic arm applications or anywhere multi-axis control and protection of cables and hoses is required.

Robotrax Cable Carrier Key Benefits
  • Controlled 3D movement of cables and hoses
  • Easy to install or remove cables and hoses
  • Simple press in cable and hose installation
  • Uses significantly less space than a traditional cable and hose carrier system in multi-axis applications
  • Available fully populated with the cable, hose, and connector package specified per your design requirements

Spinal Column Like Design

Robotrax Cable Carrier

Robotrax Cable Carrier

When required, the complete cable and hose carrier system can be replaced in minutes - no time consuming screwing, no replacing of cable ties. Just open the connections, take out the carrier system and install the new unit. That's how we save you time and money!

Significantly Less Space and More Protection for Your Cables and Hoses

Robotrax Cable Carrier

Ready to use:
Our populated KABELSCHLEPP carrier system with guide channels, cables and hoses, and connectors is the complete turn-key solution from one supplier

Robotrax Cable Carrier

You save space:
Two perfectly matched guide channel systems securely provide support and guidance of the ROBOTRAX system in smallest space requirements

Robotrax Cable Carrier

Replacing individual cables:
Completely harnessed cables and hoses are simply pressed into the carrier and can be easily inspected or individually replaced whenever necessary

Robotrax Cable Carrier (PDF - 1.87 MB)

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