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TKR 0200 Cable Carrier

Low-noise, low-vibration, cable carrier suitable for clean rooms

Unique design is ideal for highly dynamic applications.

The TKR 0200 is extremely low-noise and low-vibration. The "polygon effect" is minimized.

The TKR 0200 cable carrier system is suitable for a wide number of applications. Optimum uses are especially handling and installation systems, robots, meters, automatic pick and place systems, printing and textile machines.

Due to their low noise during operation, TKR 0200 type cable tracks are optimally suitable for applications with low-vibration linear drives.

TKR 0200 Cable Carrier

TKR 0200 Key Features

  • extremely low-noise and low-vibration operation
  • very long service life
  • ideal for highly dynamic applications
  • high side stability
  • suitable for clean rooms
  • can be quickly and easily opened on the inside and outside radii
  • the modular design makes it easy to shorten and lengthen
  • fixed dividers

Dimensions  Dimensions in mm
Type hi hG Inside widths Bi* Outside widths
TKR 0200 28 36 40 60 80 100 Bi + 16

Link Pitch t = 20 mm 

Bend radii KR

Available Bend Radii (KR) in mm
55 75 95 15

Highly dynamic applications.

Ideal for high acceleration.

Suitable for clean rooms and extremely long service life. 

The movable joining elements are injection molded onto the chain links and additionally increase the service life of the system.

  • Suitable for clean rooms with abrasion-resistant joining elements.

Reliable cable separation. 

Divider system with continuous height subdivision.

 High side stability. 

Ideal for unsupported applications on their side, and those with high transverse acceleration.

Simple to open. 

Can be opened inside and outside in a single manual operation.
Extremely low-noise and low-vibration operation. 

Tight pitch - almost no polygon effect.

The chain elements are connected by flexible joining elements. The low-noise construction of the chain bands and the small pitch ensure extremely quiet and low-vibration operation.


More information on TKR 0200

TKR 0200 - Additional Features

The modular design makes it easy to shorten and lengthen.

  • Injection molded joining elements
  • Easy and fast disconnection of the individual chain links (no additional joining elements necessary)
TKR 0200 Cable Carrier

Variable connectors for fast installation.
The inner and outer connection variants can be easily changed later at the driver and fixed point by rotating the connecting pieces.

TKR 0200 Cable Carrier

Basic TKR Cable Carrier (PDF - 3.75 MB)

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