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Super Stainless™ Offers Unparalleled Strength for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

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Super Stainless Chain for Food Manufacturing

Finding the ideal roller chain solution for your food or beverage operation can be a challenge. You need a chain that’s built to withstand extreme temperatures, high moisture levels, and exposure to harsh chemicals without breaking down or corroding.

When it comes to selecting a roller chain solution, you typically have two options: stainless steel or carbon steel. While stainless steel chains are corrosion-resistant and ideal for food-grade environments, carbon steel is stronger with higher load ratings. Choosing between the two could mean compromising on important aspects of your application needs.

With U.S. Tsubaki’s Super Stainless chains, you don’t have to choose. Super Stainless chain combines the corrosion resistance of stainless steel with the strength of carbon steel for extended wear life and increased savings on maintenance and replacement costs. With load capacities up to six times stronger than other stainless options on the market, Super Stainless offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional chain solutions.


Optimizing Operations with Super Stainless

 Super Stainless integrates a high side-bar waist for greater fatigue strength and hardened stainless components to improve performance and extend wear life. Ideal for the food and beverage industry, Super Stainless is designed to withstand a range of corrosive conditions, including harsh chemicals, high moisture levels and temperatures ranging from -40° to 750° F.

Super Stainless Chain for the Food & Beverage Industry

Converting to Super Stainless is easy, saving you time and money on expensive system redesigns. One Super Stainless chain has the same maximum allowable load of a much larger or multi-strand stainless chain, or one equivalent carbon steel chain. This means Super Stainless chain can be easily integrated into any existing stainless or carbon steel system, improving operations while maintaining the same load capacity.

Installing Super Stainless chain can also help limit downtime by extending the time to replace. While chain elongation is inevitable, Super Stainless offers twice the wear life of other stainless chains, reducing repair and maintenance costs.


Get Started with Super Stainless

Highly customizable to fit any application need, Super Stainless chains can be paired with a range of Super Stainless attachments and sprockets to create a reliable stainless steel system with superior wear life. This allows you to build extra strength and corrosion resistance into your entire operation.

To learn more about U.S. Tsubaki’s Super Stainless chains, download the brochure.

To download CAD drawings and find detailed information about Super Stainless chain pitch, width, and more, click here or contact us today to request specific information from our team.


Torque Limiter Sprockets Ensure Uninterrupted Conveyor Operations

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Torque Limiter Sprockets Tsubaki

When debris gets into your conveyor, it can cause torque overloads that seriously damage the belt and other critical components, leading to unscheduled downtime. While you might not be able to fully prevent a mechanical jam or blockage from occurring, you can reduce the risk to other machine components by using a torque limiting device.

In the tire manufacturing industry, for example, it’s common for rubber chips and shreds to get into the conveyor. Torque limiters are installed to ensure that when jams do occur, they do not place excessive force on other components. If the conveyor jams and causes a torque overload, the torque limiter will automatically disconnect the driving motor from the driven components. Once the overload is removed, the device will automatically reset, ensuring minimal interruptions to operations.

While torque limiters play an essential role in safeguarding conveyor equipment, they can be a hassle to assemble and install. Until recently, industry professionals typically had to assemble the limiting device, springs, bushings and sprocket by themselves. Not only does this process take extra time, it can be easy to misplace small components or assemble the pieces incorrectly.

To help streamline the installation process and provide a more complete torque limiting solution, U.S. Tsubaki recently introduced pre-assembled Torque Limiter Sprockets, which combine our high-quality Sprockets and Overload Protection Devices into one single product. You can now simply install the fully assembled unit to the drive shaft, set the torque limit, and move forward with operation. This greatly reduces any chance for error and increases operational efficiency.

Torque Limiter Sprockets

Tsubaki’s Torque Limiter Sprockets are highly customizable and available in various sizes and tooth counts to suit any application. The units are machined-to-order at U.S. Tsubaki’s corporate headquarters just outside of Chicago, IL. To learn more about Tsubaki’s new Torque Limiter Sprockets, download the product brochure here, or visit

For more information on Tsubaki’s wide selection of both mechanical and electrical overload protection devices, click here, or contact us today to request specific information from our team.

Roller Chain Couplings Ensure Stronger, More Durable Connections

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Chain Couplings

When connecting two rotating shafts, it can be challenging to achieve the proper alignment. Even if the components are initially positioned correctly, they might fall into misalignment during regular operations.  Without a proper coupling solution, these misalignments can cause abrasion to the drive shafts and damage to the machine, contributing to downtime and resulting in costly repairs and maintenance.

Roller chain couplings are a simple, yet mechanically flexible and robust method to keep driven components aligned and running efficiently. The coupling device consists of one coupling chain and a pair of coupling sprockets, which together produce a clearance around the driven components. This adds flexibility and allows small misalignments to occur between the driven shafts without affecting the other components. The roller chain coupling protects bearings from overheating and abrasion, safeguarding the entire machine during use.


When to Use Roller Chain Couplings

Roller chain couplings are ideal for high torque applications, such as those found in the tire manufacturing industry. They are also commonly used in the farming and mining industries for applications involving bucket elevators and incline conveyors.  When the coupling is installed, torque is apportioned over the whole roller chain and all sprocket teeth. The redistribution of the torque helps ensure a longer wear life for your chains and other components, keeping maintenance and replacement costs low.  Additionally, coupling covers can be installed to help protect against dust, water droplets and other debris that could get inside and damage the chain. The cover can also hold lubricant to keep lines running smoothly, further extending service life.


Make a Quick Connection with U.S. Tsubaki’s Roller Chain Couplings

Flexible and strong, U.S. Tsubaki’s Roller Chain Couplings are suitable for a wide range of coupling applications. The coupling device includes a Tsubaki premium double-strand roller chain with a single-pin connector, precision hardened sprockets and a standard dual set screw locking arrangement for extra durability in high-torque and high-speed applications.  Connecting and removing the shafts is easily accomplished using the connecting pin. The simple construction makes our units easy to install, remove, and replace, keeping downtime and hassles to a minimum. This means you can spend less time setting up your equipment and can quickly get production rolling.

Tsubaki’s Coupling Covers also offer unique benefits. Unlike other couplings, there are no dangerous projecting bolts. The split-type construction provides easy installation and inspection and the smooth surface design ensures safe operation.

To learn more about Tsubaki’s Roller Chain couplings, click here, or request for a quote today to request specific information from our team.