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Put Power Back into Your Production Line

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If your operation grinds to a halt, nothing else matters. That’s why actuators and cylinders are so essential – you have to get them right and you have to rely on them working 24/7. Today’s hydraulic and pneumatic options are anything but reliable.
More and more businesses have been burdened by the high costs associated with operating and maintaining these older technologies across their production line. Common complaints around hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders include:

• Complex installation: Needing an entire pressurized fluid system
• Constant maintenance: Shorter life cycles of critical components mean more repairs and additional unanticipated downtime
• Dirty operation: Oil leaks and spray are common, creating unforeseen hazards
• Greater risk: A constant pressure source is required to hold a load
• Limited control: You’ll need position sensors and a physical stopper to achieve intermediate positioning

With all the other innovations being introduced to manufacturing, you have to ask yourself — why is your operation still relying on components that are so unreliable? There’s a better option out there.

Tsubaki Power Cylinders

Power Cylinder Products: Your Clean and Efficient Alternative

Known for easy handling, reliability, and high performance through the use of a screw and nut mechanism, Tsubaki Power Cylinders hit the mark every time and you’ll never have to worry about the problems common to older, outdated actuators.

When you introduce Tsubaki Power Cylinder technology into your operation, you’ll enjoy immediate cost savings through:

  • Simple installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Clean operation
  • Energy savings
  • Maximum control
  • Safe operation

Power cylinders are ready to go the distance over any hydraulic or pneumatic option with just some simple wiring. It’s no wonder why some of today’s leading businesses have turned to electric cylinders to get the job done.

Order the Customized Solution Your Business Needs

While our competition might only deliver half the job, Tsubaki offers over 100 years of experience developing the products your business really needs — power cylinders, gear motors and gear reducers. With our extensive made-to-order capabilities, let Tsubaki design a solution to fit your application.

Power cylinder technology can transform your operation from one of many to a standout supply chain leader. For more information on bringing Tsubaki’s Power Cylinder products into your operation, download the brochure.