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Meeting the Challenge of Long-Distance, Heavy-Duty Material Handling

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Protecting your cables and hoses from wear is one of the top challenges you might encounter in a long travel material handling application. Whether you’re moving heavy loads off of ships in a port area or as part of your mining operations, you need a cable carrier system that has strong structural integrity and is […]

Maximizing Cable Life by Customizing Your Crossbar Selection

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  There are a variety of design parameters that should be taken into account when selecting a cable carrier, such as size, pitch, and inner height. One important but often overlooked consideration is the type of crossbar that’s used in the cable track design. Crossbars are integral to a cable carrier’s structural stability, but they […]

Optimizing Lubrication Maintenance for Overrunning Clutches

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  Overrunning clutches, also known as freewheel clutches, are a critical component of many power transmission systems. In overrunning applications, the clutch transmits torque in one direction to a connected gear, sprocket, pulley, or driven shaft. Ongoing lubrication maintenance is one of the most difficult challenges with overrunning clutches, which are often used in heavy […]

A Smarter Approach to Identifying Sprocket Wear

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Over time, the sprocket tooth profile area gets worn down by the chain roller. The reduction in the sprocket tooth profile area can result in poor fit and alignment, accelerating chain wear. This can eventually lead to tension loss, slippage, a jumped chain, and costly downtime. “Worn parts that are not replaced correctly in a […]

Guide to Indexing, Overrunning and Backstopping Clutches

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  Mechanical clutches are a vital component of many power transmission systems where you need to apply torque in one direction of rotation. Recent innovations in clutch design and technology are making these products even more reliable and efficient. The clutch commonly used today provides enhanced protection against backlash and rollover, as well as consistent […]

Chain Wear Indicator Kit

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  The Tsubaki Chain Wear Indicator Kits are designed to easily measure roller chain wear elongation, commonly referred to as “stretch.” These kits are available for both ANSI and British Standard roller chains. Detecting and measuring chain wear elongation is critical for achieving reliable operation of industrial chains. Although it is common for users to […]

Non-Rollover Backstops Offer Enhanced Safety

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Backstopping clutches, also called holdbacks or backstops, are used as a safety measure to prevent reverse movement of incline conveyors, bucket elevators or pump systems. They not only help protect critical equipment from damage, but they also ensure worker safety. In backstop applications, backstops allow the drive shaft to rotate freely in one direction. As […]


Optimizing Cable Carrier Performance in Gliding Applications

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  Cable carrier systems are a critical part of your operations. When installing cable carriers for long travel distances, innovative solutions are needed to ensure proper support, alignment, and system function. When a cable carrier exceeds its unsupported length, the upper run of the cable carrier is designed to glide on top of the lower […]

Drum Sprockets Extend Wear Life for Industrial Drag Chain Conveyors

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  The right sprocket assembly allows conveyor systems to run smoothly without damaging equipment. If your sprockets are showing signs of wear – including chipped or broken teeth – it could be a sign that you need a more robust sprocket solution. Industrial drag chain conveyors, such as those used in the paper and pulp, […]

WORKHORSE® Chain Offers Dependable Strength and Reliability for Bucket Elevators

Leave a Comment In cement, mining, fertilizer and industrial aggregate applications, chain bucket elevators are used to transport bulk materials vertically. Demanding environments like these often challenge system reliability and require unique, innovative chain solutions. Balancing adequate strength with features that effectively defend against corrosion and abrasion can often be a challenge but is certainly feasible and […]