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Torque Limiter Sprockets Offer Maximum Protection from Torque Overload

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When your equipment and machinery approach torque overload, you’ll be thankful you have a Torque Limiter to protect critical drive components. Torque Limiters are often used in conjunction with sprockets, which guide the rotational movement of equipment and machinery, and serve as an automatic safeguard against torque overload. They are usually sold separately, but U.S. […]

Protect Your Cables from Dirt, Grime and Particulates

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    When selecting the proper cable carrier for your application, consider the environment in your plant.  Are your dynamic cables coming into contact with foreign bodies, such as hot chips, chemicals, or other contaminants that might cause damage to the cables? If so, they might need extra protection.  For example, a machine tool that […]

All About Cable Drag Chains

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Cable drag chains—also referred to as cable chains, cable carriers, cable track, and energy chains—are flexible hollow structures used to guide, support, and protect cables, hoses, and hydraulic lines when in motion. Industry professionals use them to prevent cables & hoses from tangling up or incurring damage during machine motion, both of which can cause […]

What is a Torque Limiter?

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  Critical drive components can fail or fracture from just a single moment or action. This incidence, called mechanical overload, is when a rotating component experiences torques beyond what the system is designed to handle. Any rotating operation can develop a lot of torque and, if there is any kind of malfunction, all of that […]

All About Zip Chain Actuators®

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  Zip Chain Actuators—also commonly referred to as meshing chains, rigid chains, linear chains, and push-pull chains—are used alongside other material handling equipment to facilitate push and pull applications. These actuating units consist of two chains that interlock like a zipper to form a rigid column and are available with a wide range of features […]

Types of Sprockets

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  Sprockets are sturdy wheels with teeth that lock onto a chain. As the sprocket spins, the teeth grab onto the chain and move other parts that interlock with the chain. This sequential series of operations allows for simple and controlled rotational movement of larger equipment and machinery. Sprockets are often made from metal or […]

Robotrax: How to Install

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  Does your robot application do 3-dimensional rotations? If yes, you definitely need a cable carrier that supports multidimensional rotating movements. Tsubaki KabelSchlepp Robotrax is a cable carrier that reliably follows movements while leading and protecting your cables. PLUS, it’s easy to install. Here’s how to do it: The open design of this product allows […]

Designing Your Own Single Strand Attachment Chain

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Here is an easy drag and drop tool that you can use in designing an attachment chain—the Tsubaki Chain Configurator! This is an online program that enables engineers and chain enthusiasts alike to conceptualize a design from scratch and see them in 2D and 3D renditions with just a click of a mouse.  It enables […]

Guide to Overload Protection Relays


  Electric motors see wide usage in machines with rotating components. Motors are often quite expensive, so it is important to prevent them from failure caused by carrying more electric current than their rated amperage. Electrical overload can sometimes develop from ground faults (short-circuits in the motor windings or peripheral cables), but more commonly occurs […]