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KabelSkate Long Travel Cable Carrier Solution

Worldwide Innovation 2003:
KabelSkate makes short work of long travel lengths

KabelSkate Long Travel Cable Carrier SolutionKABELSKATE is so effective that a shearing force of just a few kilograms is enough to ensure that a system load of several tons made up of the chain, cable and components can be moved safely.

Good ideas have always formed the basis of KABELSCHLEPP's intelligent product solutions. A basic principle that is immediately applicable wherever energy and control signals have to be transmitted over long distances. In general, a distance of around 500 meters has to date been regarded as the limit of what is technically feasible. KABELSCHLEPP is now making short work of that restriction. KABELSKATE allows travel lengths of 500 meters and more to be achieved safely.

The KABELSCHLEPP engineers were confronted with a specific problem when progressing from the task to the solution. Energy supply systems over long travel lengths have to contend with extremely high friction forces caused by the chains gliding over one another. Travel lengths of more than 200 meters are therefore scarcely feasible. In addition there is a considerable risk of the top chain piling up during push sliding operations.

An ingenious yet simple idea from KABELSCHLEPP came to the rescue here: special rolling castors placed between the carrier's upper and lower run significantly reduce the friction factor. A type of carriage takes on the task of keeping the castors correctly spaced and in the correct position.

When working out this solution, KABELSCHLEPP thought of an intelligent idea that had already proved its worth at the time when the pyramids were built: to overcome large friction forces, such as the ancient Egyptians had to deal with when transporting loads of stone weighing many tons, rolling is always a better principle than sliding.

KABELSKATE in a 500 meter test

KABELSKATE In A 500 Meter TestThe complete cable carrier system can easily be moved by one person without using any mechanical aids.
  • Simulation von 500 m travel length
  • Upper chain length approx. 260 m
  • Lower chain length approx. 250 m (used as a "rail")
  • Chain weight 8 kg/m = 2 t total per travel run
  • Force to move the "carriage" approx. 250 N
  • Force to move the chain itself approx. 100 N
  • Shearing force at constant speed approx. 350 N
  • Maximum attainable travel speed under test: 3.5 m/s

The friction value of the chain is an incredibly low 0.005. The friction value of the entire system is an extremely low 0.0175.

Chartering new territory with KABELSKATE: 500 meters and more

Chartering New Territory With KABELSKATE: 500 Meters And MoreKABELSKATE makes the longest travel lengths possible with full functional safety: test installation in the Cargo lifter Hall.

Before a new KABELSCHLEPP idea goes into production, it has to pass a strict test. Thus it was with KABELSKATE. Convinced of the high degree of functionality of the system, the KABELSCHLEPP quality assurance experts sent their prototypes away to be subjected to a rigorous test procedure. The venue for the moment of truth: the Cargo lifter Hall in Brandenburg. KABELSCHLEPP installed a true-to-life KABELSKATE carriage system with very long travel lengths such as are common on cranes or at container terminals inside this enormous structure with a surface area roughly equivalent to 15 football pitches. KABELSKATE was tested for absolute operational safety in a 500-metre test situation. The result: no downtime, no interruptions, and no problems.

KABELSKATE is the ideal solution for the longest travel lengths with the highest degree of functional safety. Flanged rolling castors following the principle of railway wheels even make KABELSKATE self-guiding. In addition, the system allows higher traveling speeds at which only minimal background noise can be heard. Yet even that is not enough: KABELSCHLEPP goes one step further and even offers a KABELSKATE functional guarantee.

Who would have thought it possible to go so far with just one idea? KABELSCHLEPP, of course. Because KABELSCHLEPP is not just a leading manufacturer but also a visionary, having tomorrow's ideas today.

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