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LS-1050 & LSX1050 Series Lightweight Steel Cable Carrier

Weight-optimized steel cable carrier
Series: LS 1050 and LSX 1050

The new LS 1050 and LSX 1050 steel cable carriers have been consistently designed to minimize weight. New weight optimized side plate geometry yields a lighter weight steel chain that is significantly more sturdy and robust than comparably sized plastic cable carrier chains. For your applications that means: greater accelerations and speeds at high additional loads.

Lightweight LS 1050 and LSX 1050

  • roughly 40 % lighter than before
  • improved dynamic properties
  • large unsupported length
  • with sidebands made from steel (LS 1050) or stainless steel (LSX 1050)

VARITRAK Stay variants RS and RV

A wide range of frame-stay bars and separation options with tried-and-tested dividers and height subdivisions

Connecting pieces with C-rail attachment

The C-rail required for attaching the strain relief elements is fixed using the connecting pieces, and does not need to be screwed on separately.

Optional central bolt

For applications involving large loads, applications with extreme dynamic requirements, or for larger additional loads in conjunction with a half-stay arrangement, the side plates can be supplemented with a central bolt. Also available with cover plates to protect the stroke system (not shown).

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