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Master Series Cable Carrier

A robust, yet light cable carrier that is heavy on features & performance

Key Features

  • Low intrinsic weight
  • Standard widths, individual widths on request in 1 mm sections for custom fit
  • Standard bend radii, custom bend radii on request
  • Internal dampers for pretension and radius strokes
  • Variable pretension
  • Modern design to suit your machine
  • Choice of 3 UMB brackets - all three types can be screwed in from the top, from underneath and also from the front as a flange
Master Series Cable Carrier

The MASTER range can be opened easily and without using special tooling - practical for the quick and straightforward insertion of cables in the carrier.

Type Inside Width in mm Outside Width in mm Height in mm Pitch t in mm
Bi min. Bi max. Bk min. Bk max. hi hg
L60 100 600 130 630 60 88 91
L80 100 700 130 730 80 110 111

Master Series Cable Carrier

Standard bend radii

Type Bend Radii
L 60 135 150 200 250 300 350 400 500
L 80 - 150 300 250 300 350 400 500

dimensions in mm

A smooth operator: The MASTER Series with stay & cover options

It hardly comes any more variable than this: the MASTER Series can either be used as an open style carrier (LC) or be fitted with an aluminum cover (LT) (even at a later date without any problem) or even be only partially covered. Thus in every case, these variations offer the ideal solution for any application:

Everything in its place:

The partitioning of the MASTER Series - the modular unit system

Whether you opt for the L 80 (internal height 80 mm), or the L 60 (internal height 60 mm) design, you can construct the internal separation options to meet your requirements perfectly:

  • Standard divider system without height subdivision
  • Divider system with plastic partition layers with fixed widths
  • Divider system with aluminum partition layers with variable widths
  • Twin dividers for layer partition systems: chambers which have already been horizontally divided with partition layers can also easily be divided vertically later.

UMB-Mounting Brackets

A variety of options for every installation situation

The new MASTER Series has 3 different universal connectors made of plastic: the optimum connection for every installation situation. Each of the 3 types can of course be screwed on from above, from underneath or from the front as a flange.

Mounting Bracket Variants

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