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Replaceable Off-Road Glide Shoes

It Lasts and Lasts and Lasts: OFF-ROAD Glide Shoes for Extremely Hard Conditions.

For a much longer life of cable carriers in gliding operation, KABELSCHLEPP offers detachable, replaceable glide shoes. Replaceable glide shoes are a very economical solution. In case of wear, only the glide shoes are exchanged and not the complete cable carrier. The new OFF-ROAD glide shoe for the M-Series 0950 made of highly abrasion-resistant material is even stronger, more robust and has a longer life.

+ 70%
added wear volume -
the new OFF-ROAD Glide Shoe

Sand, dust, corundum and metallic, abrasive materials are probably the toughest conditions to which a cable carrier in gliding arrangement can be subjected. Under such extreme ambient conditions, OFF-ROAD glide shoes of highly abrasion-resistant plastic with are large wearing volume are an optimum solution.

OFFROAD Glide shoes

increased wear volume >> longer lasting systems = reduced costs and standstill times

Thanks to a positive locking snap connection, the glide shoes sit firmly locked-in on the chain link.