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Quantum Series Cable Carrier

Description: With the QUANTUM cable & hose carrier system, KabelSchlepp has set a new standard: an extremely quiet, clean, and low vibration carrier system which is very flexible, light, and virtually unbreakable. This carrier system truly is a revolution in the world of cable & hose carriers.

Cavity Size Range:

Smallest: 28mm height x 284mm wide cavity -Q40 Series
Largest: 72mm height x 600mm wide cavity -Q100 Series

Key Features:

  • The quietest cable carrier in the world -silent running < 40 dB(A)
  • Vibration-free operation - no polygon effect; no bend-radius gyrations
  • No wear at hinges - perfect for clean rooms
  • Extremely lightweight
Quantum Cable Carrier
  • Ultimate carrier life - 25 million+ operational cycles
  • Designed to allow twisting and off center alignment for maximum installation flexibility
  • Very high acceleration tolerant 10+ G's
  • Extreme operational speeds 20+ m/s
  • Travel lengths up to 100 m
  • Dramatic cable life improvement
  • Combined with other proven components for maximum design options
  • A wide range of mounting options
  • Built-in safety against fracture or system separation (no links!)
  • Best in class with regard to resistance to lubricants and coolants
  • Resistant to UV


The KabelSchlepp Quantum Cable Carrier

The revolutionary linkless Quantum carrier design is comprised of 2 totally flexible side-bands, extruded from polypropylene and processed of specially designed automation equipment. This design allows the use of KabelSchlepp's highly customizable nylon or aluminum frame stay and snap-in cavity partitioning system.

Suitable for Clean Room Environments

There are no hinges, which in turn means there are no parts that wear against each other during operation. Aluminum stays further reduce friction and wear on cables and hoses. The features result in optimal conditions for use in clean room environments.

Quiet and Vibration Free

Unlike a conventional cable carrier made up of many articulation links, PROfile is a one piece extrusion. Vibration and noise generation are virtually eliminated, making it ideal for use in quite areas or when carrying vibration sensitive cables or hoses.

Unique Movement Possible

Quantum has been designed to allow twisting and off-center alignment for challenging applications that could not typically be address with the use of a traditional link style cable and hose carrier. This specially engineered feature allows for combined twisting and off-center mounting for for maximum installation flexibility.

Quantum Cable Carrier (PDF - 4.25MB)

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