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Standardized Way-Wipers

(available in 1 meter lengths unless otherwise noted)

KabelSchlepp Way Wipers are available in standard 1 meter lengths which can then be cut and formed by the customer to fit a specific application.

When ordering, please specify type and size (e.g. BA25; BAS25).

Optional copper alloy hot-chip shields available for Type BAS in 1/2 meter lengths.

Table Of Heights
Order No.
Unmounted Height
Mounted Height
0.708" (18mm)
0669" (17mm)
0.944" (24mm)
0905" (23mm)
0.708" (18mm)
0.669" (17mm)
0.944" (24mm)
0.905" (23mm)
1.575" (40mm)
1.535" (39mm)
Standard Way-WipersStandard Way-Wipers


  • Length: Standard length of 39.4" (1000mm)
  • Height: 0.669" (17mm), 0.905" (23mm), and 1.535 (39mm) mounted
  • Frame: Solid, non-corrosive aluminum alloy. Type BAS has protection of blade from hot chips
  • Blade: Polyurethane. Long wearing and resistant to oil, cooling agents, most chemicals. Will withstand temperatures up to 200°F
  • Tension: 0.0394" (1mm)

Optional Hot-Chip Shields

For additional protection from hot chips , KabelSchlepp offers a preformed copper alloy strip for use with Type BAS that can be attached with mounting screws. The hot chip shield provides complete protection for the wiper blade from hot chips and will not scratch the slide-way surface.


1.) MEASURING:Measuring

KabelSchlepp makes it easy for you to install way wipers on your machines with minimal downtime. Simply order stock lengths and measure slide-way to be protected.

2.) CUTTING:Cutting

Lightweight aluminum alloy frame with wiper blade in place is easily cut to required lengths and angles. Even a hand saw may be used.

3.) PINNING:Pinning

Drill two holes in frame through each angle. Hammer in roll pins for secure joint. Polyurethane blade sections should be glued together at corners to ensure a tight seal. KabelSchlepp simplifies wiper assembly by eliminating welding of frame corners. (NOTE: Wiper sections may be mounted directly on machine without pinning.)

4.) MOUNTING:Mounting

Drill holes through the metal frame and drill and tap the moving part the of machine. Attach the way wiper to the machine.

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