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Steel Metallic Cable & Hose Carrier Systems

Description: Nearly a half a century ago, Dr. Gilbert Wanninger, an engineer at the German machine tool giant Waldrich Siegen GmbH, dramatically improved the longevity of cable and hose life in moving applications with the invention and patent of the Dynamic Cable & Hose Carrier System. This invention helped found KabelSchlepp and established the inception of the entire cable and hose management industry.

This first carrier was a steel link system and predecessor of our current super duty metallic carrier systems. These high strength steel systems are available in various alloys and plating as well as come in two general configurations: modular open or totally enclosed (tube style).

The incredibly strong and unique contoured twin link system with integral 3 or 4 hardened hinge pin designs provide the load bearing and locking-point for exceptional self-supporting lengths and operational durability.

Steel carrier systems are ideal for heavy mechanical loads, long self-supporting spans, large cables and/or hoses, high ambient operating temperatures, and applications that operate under extreme environmental conditions.

Of course open (can view contents of carrier system) or enclosed (RMD tube Style with contents hidden from view) designs are available.

All such modular super-duty steel systems have vertical and/or horizontal internal cavity partitions available to enable the design engineer the ultimate in safe cable and hose management capabilities.

Size Range:
Smallest Standard Cavity:
59.5mm (2.34") wide by 31mm (1.22") high
Largest Standard Cavity:
1500mm (59.06") wide by 225mm (8.86") high
Largest Custom Carrier Cavity:
2000mm (78.74") wide by 370mm (14.57") high
Standard [Stock] Chain-Band Materials:
Galvanized Zinc Plated Steel, High Grade Stainless Steel (ER1), Highest Grade Stainless Steel (ER2)
Highest Applied Load Ratings (Self-Supporting - No Sag):
Smallest Series (0650) - 3 Meters with 5 kg/m (9.84 feet with 3.36 pounds per foot)
Middle Series (1800) - 9 Meters with 10 kg/m (29.5 feet with 7 pound per foot)
Largest Series (7000) - 13 Meters with 40 kg/m (42.5 feet with 27 pounds per foot)
Dyna-Glide Replaceable
Glide-Shoe Materials for Extended Travels:
Luvocom, Delrin®, Mine-Plate (and other low friction long-lasting materials, call factory for complete details)
Extended Travel Options:
Support Rollers, Rolling Carriage Systems (call factory for complete details)
Rotating Systems:
45º, 90º, 180º, 360º, 540º up to 640º, horizontal or hanging and anything in-between (call factory for complete details)
Cavity Cross-Bar Materials:
Aluminum bar and rod stock, Stainless Steel, Custom Materials (Call factory for complete details)
Normal Operating Temperature Range with Nylon Dividers and Aluminum Cross-Bars:
-25ºC (-13ºF) through +120ºC (+248ºF)
Normal Operating Temperature Range with Aluminum Bolted Dividers and Cross-Bars:
-25ºC (-13ºF) through +250ºC (+482ºF)
Normal Operating Temperature Range with Steel Dividers and Cross-Bars:
-25ºC (-13ºF) through +400ºC (+752ºF)
UV Resistant:
Corrosion Resistant:
Yes (plated and/or stainless)
High Grade (polished) silver (Made To Order)
Included Product Lines:
Varitrak S- The strongest Steel carrier in the industry
Varitrak S-RMD- The strongest enclosed Steel carrier in the industry
Lightweight Steel Cable Carrier - Weight-optimized steel cable carrier

Key Features:

  • Superior cable, hose and air line protection in moving applications
  • Links bolt together quickly and easily - with simple hand tools
  • Available in open or enclosed styles
  • Easy, safe and fast cable or hose installation
  • Extremely durable, back and forth cycle travel longevity of 18,000+ kilometers
  • Single and multi-level cable and hose strain-relief brackets
  • Hinged-opening cavity access bars, that snap-lock closed
  • Vertical dividers and/or horizontal shelving cavity partitioning available
  • Extreme strength and vibration resistance
  • Cable and hose friendly internal cavity designs
  • Extremely large cavity sizes available
  • High operating temperatures
  • No maintenance
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Cost Effective/Efficient