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Tube Style Cable & Hose Carrier Systems

Uniflex BT

Closed plastic cable carrier with fixed widths: covered on the outside, with bilateral cover elements that can be opened and removed on the inside radius.
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Varitrak MT

Closed muli-functional plastic cable carrier of the Varitrak M-series: customizable width in 1, 8 or 16 mm increments, available with aluminum or plastic lids.
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Varitrak MT-RMD

Closed plastic cable carrier with customizable width: strong, lightweight - able to accommodate heavy loads, almost like a steel chain, stable enough to cope with long unsupported lengths, with aluminum cover systems.
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Energy tube systems are made of stainless steel brackets and frames made of fiber-glass reinforced polyamide, optimal for use in areas where there are small, loose chips and debris.
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Closed steel cable carrier

Customizable width, with aluminum cover system, maximum frame-stay possibilities for separating the cables and hoses within the carrier's cavity.
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First enclosed track with IP64 rating to insure cutting chips will not damage your cables.
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