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MCL Noise Reduction Option for Varitrak Cable Carriers

Now Available In Two Additional Sizes with a "Gentle" Stop

Noise reduction - since this feature has been successfully proven with the Varitrak 0950 MCL series KABELSCHLEPP designed two additional sizes, the Varitrak 0650 and 1250 types, which are optimized in the areas where noise occurs when the carrier is in operation. Typical operational noise at the guide channel or support tray is efficiently reduced by muting elements of the side bands. Enclosed soft bend radii stops eliminate noise. The MCL design, with the full length contact surface KR stop, features extreme longevity as well as abrasion resistance. The MCL carrier series are not only quiet, but also versatile with numerous shelving options, different mounting brackets, optimum strain reliefs and various frame stay and divider systems.

Noticeably quieter: the operational noise is drastically reduced by muting elements.


  • additional carrier types
  • extremely quiet
  • proven carrier features

Brief Technical Information

  • Adjustable aluminum frame stays with carrier link - segments of 1 mm pitch
  • Can be quickly opened on both sides
  • Numerous options to separate cables and hoses