• Chain Wear Indicator Kit: Tsubaki Chain Wear Indicators are designed to measure roller chain condition and determine critical wear. The indicator tools are made of a high-quality material to withstand harsh and corrosive environments. The strong construction of the indicator tools ensures accurate measurements of the chains every time.
  • Chain Management System®: Tsubaki has the solution with the CHAIN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM™ (CMS), a complete roller chain storage and cutting device designed to eliminate unnecessary storage and waste issues. Included with the CMS is a fully modular cutting table that has four casters for ease of movement.
  • Super Stainless™ Chain: The toughest applications require the toughest chain possible. That used to mean choosing between the corrosion resistance of stainless steel or the strength of carbon steel. Now Tsubaki offers both—in a single chain.
  • Titan® Series Chain: Our Titan® chain incorporates the best features of our standard ASME/ANSI chain coupled with new and unique features that will outperform competitors’ extended life chains. Titan® chain delivers the ultimate in strength and extended wear life.
  • Drum Sprocket: Tsubaki now offers drum sprockets and shaft assemblies with the same quality and support you have come to expect from all of our Power Transmission & Motion Control products. Available in a variety of styles, multiple strands and options including A-plate, full face and traction wheels, our drum sprockets are designed to fit your drag conveyor applications.
  • Zip Chain Actuator®: The patented Tsubaki Zip Chain Actuator® (ZCA) is the solution to your linear actuator application problems. This is the next generation of compact, high speed linear actuator that “zips” together chain segments, creating a rigid actuating arm that offers high speed, multipoint stopping, efficient operation, and a long life — all in a compact footprint.
  • ProInstall™: Tsubaki ProInstall™ offers the unique opportunity to partner with a single source for both product and installation services, centralizing ownership, and eliminating risk. No other chain manufacturer has the capabilities and direct resources to provide such a complete solution.


  • Portador de cable TKHD: La serie TKHD es especialista comprobado de Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® para cargas pesadas y largas distancias. Una de las diferencias más importantes entre la serie TKHD y sus competidores es que el portacables TKHD cuenta con eslabones bloqueados mecánicamente para una resistencia superior y barras transversales horizontales de aluminio para una mayor protección contra el desgaste de cables y mangueras.