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Roller Supported Chain (RSC)

High performance – low maintenance costs for all your relevant travel lengths

Rolling instead of gliding – the proven principle for less friction

Wherever it is impossible to install a gliding solution due to very long travel lengths or high friction, the Roller Supported Chain (RSC) is a safe and reliable solution. With the RSC, the upper trough does not glide on the bottom trough, as it runs on rollers. The rollers are mounted on ball bearings at the side of the carrier and allow very long travel lengths requiring substantially less driving power. The tension and thrust is 90 % less in comparison to gliding arrangements.

Minimized costs and maintenance time

In case of maintenance only the wear part roller can be replaced individually. A time-consuming and cost-intensive replacement of the entire cable carrier is no longer necessary. The rollers are easily accessible through cutouts in the channel and modular side panels. This saves time during maintenance and service.

Quiet and low-vibration operation

The rollers run on the guide rail and do not contact other rollers. Ball bearings and a polyurethane roller surface additionally contribute to quiet and smooth operation.

Roller Supported Chain (RSC)

  • suitable for all your relevant travel lengths
  • 90 % less tension and thrust compared to a gliding arrangement, thus requiring substantially less driving power
  • low-noise and low-vibration operation
  • less space required and cost-optimised with a shorter loop overhang – minimum turnaround length
  • no impacting of the rollers against one another
  • long service life – low maintenance
  • minimum stress on the cable and hose carrier and cables
  • less push/pull forces
  • high travel speed and acceleration
  • substantial additional capacity possible
  • use of proven standard cable carriers
  • the cable carrier cannot rise
  • variable profile lengths, adjusted to your connection points

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