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We are experienced in materials handling systems, below are some of the things we can do:

  • Inverted power and free
  • Overhead power and free
  • Electrified Monorail Systems (floor or overhead)
  • Floor conveyor (chain, shuttle, working, booth, high temp, LIM, friction, PRB, etc.)
  • Drop lifters
  • Fork transfers
  • Sublifters
  • Turntables
  • Traversers
  • Feeders (push, pull, rotary)
  • Skids, Dollies, Overhead carriers
  • Zip Chain Lifters

About Tsubaki Conveyor Chains

Conveyor chains can vary widely depending on the direction of transport, application environment, and transported media – which is why you need a chain manufacturer who has experienced it all. Performance, durability, safety, and consistency typify our conveyor chain solutions – whether you are transporting rock from the quarry or recycled material to the plant.

Our conveyor chain range means whatever your specification, Tsubaki can provide you with an exact solution. Reduced slipping, large customization options, high resistance to elongation, and unparalleled performance when subjected to shock loads – Tsubaki conveyor chains are the industry choice for a good reason.

Engineering Services

We have an experienced team of mechanical and electrical engineers that will collaborate with you in developing the best solution to fit your needs. Discover the benefits of our ProService and ProInstall offerings.

Tsubaki Products

We have a vast array of conveyor options ranging from inverted power and free conveyor to friction conveyor to drop lifters to the highly flexible an industry-leading zip chain lifter. Please click on the link below to see more of our product line.

Health Assessments

An important part of plant production is equipment availability. To support this, we offer on site assessments of our equipment to help identify potential issues before they impact production. In additional benefit is that this will also help with equipment trend analysis and maintenance budget planning. Discover the benefits of our free plant assessment using our Thermal Imaging Application.

Aftermarket Parts

We recognize and understand the importance of having high quality spare parts available to our customers. Regardless of the part needed, we ensure we can provide the correct part with the highest quality. If you’re in the market for chain, sprockets, power transmission parts, or MTO parts, contact us to see if we can help.