Tsubaki for the Forestry Industry

As the lumber industry grapples with shortages caused by supply chain issues, sawmill manufacturers are encountering unique challenges. The high demand for lumber necessitates that sawmills expedite operations to increase volume yield while maintaining operational efficiency. However, increasing production speed can result in product inconsistency and equipment breakdown, especially in harsh environments featuring tree sap, dust, and other contaminants.

Challenges Faced by Sawmill Manufacturers:

  • Shortages caused by supply chain issues
  • Increasing demand for lumber leading to the need for expedited operations
  • Maintaining operational efficiency while increasing production speed

Given the significant consequences of production interruptions, achieving maximum equipment performance is crucial.

Tsubaki offers a diverse range of forestry products designed to meet the demanding challenges of the industry, including:

  • Shock load
  • Fatigue limit
  • Abrasion
  • Extreme speed

These products help sawmill equipment operate at full potential, reducing the risk of unexpected downtime and avoiding breakdowns and defects in product quality.

Roller Chains: Consistent, Reliable Performance

Tsubaki roller chains are most commonly used for the transmission of mechanical power of industrial machinery. These products are known for delivering consistently reliable equipment performance for sawmill operations. No matter how demanding the application, Tsubaki forestry roller chains are up to the task.

Tsubaki roller chains meet demanding forestry industry requirements such as shock load, fatigue limit, abrasion and extreme speed while reducing maintenance and unnecessary downtime in even the harshest environments.

Sharp Top Chain

Designed with a wide range of tooth configurations for durability. Featuring straight sidebars for strength, heat-treated side plates for protection, and patented lube groove bushings, minimizing pin and bushing wear and extending the chain lifespan.

Titan® Series Chain

Tsubaki Titan® chains deliver better performance with increased wear life in high-speed, abrasive applications. The special coated pins offer lower friction and higher hardness to improve chain wear characteristics. Special coatings on the side plates also provide better corrosion resistance in outdoor settings.

Lambda® Chain

With special oil-impregnated bushings are an ideal choice in the forestry industry when machines and conveyed materials must be free from contact with oil, or when lubrication is difficult. Tsubaki Lambda® chains in a machine such as a planer also add a great value in reducing contamination of the product or equipment.

Exceeder® Longer Life Chain

Designed to last up to 10 times longer than other lube-free chains, this chain extends the wear resistance of the Lambda® chain by adding oil-impregnated felt seals between the link plates. These patented high-density felt seals lock in lube while keeping dirt and abrasives out, and work in environments that require extended replacement intervals.

Engineering Class Chains: Built for Heavy Duty Conveyance

Tsubaki engineering class chains are utilized exclusively on conveyors throughout the milling and production process and can be trusted in the most demanding operating conditions. Welded steel mill chains are designed for heavy duty conveyor service in the forestry industry. Tsubaki welded steel chains ensure the most reliable equipment life cycles in the industry by withstanding high shock loading, providing resistance to abrasive material, and operating in extreme temperatures and climates.

Tsubaki Welded Steel Mill Chains

These chains provide high tensile and fatigue strength. Tsubaki Mill Chain Sidebars and Barrels are shot peened for additional fatigue strength. Pins are also precision fit for a superior press fit into the side bar. Special platings or coatings can also be applied to prevent corrosion.

Tsubaki Sprockets: Built to Handle the Heaviest Loads

Tsubaki’s drum sprockets and welded steel sprockets are designed to convey heavy bulk scrap materials as well as wood, timber, and logs. These sprockets are built with the strength in mind to support the high torque requirements of drag and welded steel chains, ensuring durability in demanding forestry mills.

  • Jackladder drag conveyors: Convey logs from the “log pond,” to the debarker in-feed conveyor.
  • Debarker in-feed conveyors: Feeds wood logs of various types and lengths through a ring debarker.
  • Hog/Woodchip/Sawdust conveyors: Transport hog (bark & wood trimmings), woodchips or sawdust.
  • Truck dump conveyors: Used in pulp and paper mills to convey hog and/or woodchips collected from truck dumps.
  • Welded steel sprockets: Used for conveyors which transfer high volumes of rough-cut lumber throughout the sawmill.

Backstops & Clutches: Maintain Efficiency & Prevent Contamination

Tsubaki backstops are used in pulp and paper mills to move raw or in-process materials around a site. Tsubaki overrunning clutches are also used in sawmill machinery to control the transmission of torque in one drive direction while simultaneously allowing the output axis to continue turning in the original direction. These products help reduce contamination and maintain efficiency.

  • BS-F Backstops: Used on incline conveyors at pulp and paper mills to prevent reverse rotation of the conveyor. The grease lubrication and labyrinth seal are specifically designed to prevent ingress of small materials into the clutch to provide a long lifespan.
  • BB Series Clutches: BB Series clutches are a combination of a 62 Series ball bearing and a cam style clutch. Designed for press fit applications, these overrunning clutches provide overrunning capability to allow for speed differences between the operation of the equipment and the supply power.

Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® Cable Carriers: Robust & Sturdy

Often used within sawmills and on material handling equipment. The Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® M Series and S/SX Series products both offer outstanding durability to extend equipment life and reduce costly downtime.

M Series: A variable cable carrier with extensive accessories and crossbar options. The Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® offers an encapsulated, dirt-resistant stroke system and durable sidebands through robust link plate design. These carriers also offer a large selection of vertical and horizontal divider systems to ensure maximum life of your cables.

S/SX Series: These extremely robust and sturdy steel cable carriers are ideal for heavy mechanical loads and rough environmental conditions. S/SX Series cable carriers feature side bands made of galvanized steel or corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant steel and feature very sturdy link plates. This allows for extensive unsupported lengths and high loads.


Do you want to learn more about how Tsubaki’s wide variety of forestry solutions can help optimize your sawmill operation’s productivity and profitability? Contact us and a Tsubaki representative will reach out to you with more information.