Playing a Clutch Role in Your Operational Success

Tsubaki clutch products are designed to transmit torque in one direction of rotation and overrun in the opposite direction of rotation. All Tsubaki clutch products utilize the same principles of operation.

We offer various series of clutch products to address the many types of applications where they are most often used. Below you will find all of our clutch product offerings.

Cam Clutch Brochure

Types of Backstops and Clutches

  • BS-F series external backstops
  • Backstopping cam clutches
  • Overrunning and general clutches
  • Indexing clutches

Choose Tsubaki for High Quality Backstops and Clutches

Cam Clutch Cover

Tsubaki has been creating high-quality backstops and clutches and for over 100 years. Contact us to find the right solutions for your operations today.