About Power Transmission Components

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Power Transmission Components

Tsubaki is your top source for all your power transmission needs. With a broad product range of products, the PT Components Group provides the necessary power transmission devices and technical support for all the products offered by Tsubaki other than chains and sprockets. This ranges from individual POWER-LOCK® to custom-engineered Zip Chain Lifter tables.

Tsubaki Offerings

  • Zip Chain Actuators® utilizes 100+ years of Tsubaki Roller Chain manufacturing expertise to create a linear actuator that “zips” together chain segments, creating a rigid actuating arm that offers high speed, multi-point stopping, efficient operation, and long life — all in a compact footprint.
  • POWER-LOCK® keyless locking devices fit tightly around the shaft/hub and is not affected by load reversals.
  • Shock Relays can detect problems through an increase or decrease in line amperage, and can shut down the line – quickly, safely and securely. That means big savings in time and money for you and your customers.
  • Mechanical Shock Guards are a line of robust, fully mechanical overload protection devices designed for harsh environments where dust, humidity, high temperatures present a challenge to electronic devices.
  • Chain couplings are engineered to excel in any application you need, with exceptional flexibility, strength, and a surprisingly simple assembly.
  • Gear motors eliminate uncomfortable noise and are the most compact and easy-to-use designs available today that allow for efficient automation and high productivity in any field.
  • Pin Gear Drive Units offer limitless design possibilities for rotating and linear drives.

Choose Tsubaki for High-Quality Power Transmission Components

Tsubaki has been creating high-quality power transmission components and conveyance parts for over 100 years. Contact us to find the right solutions for your operations today.