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Engineering Class Chain Products - Wheeling, Illinois

U.S. Tsubaki Engineering Class Chains

With experienced engineers who understand the changing demands of the market, U.S. Tsubaki proudly features heavy-duty engineered chain, designed to withstand rigorous operating conditions across a range of applications. Greater reliability, productivity and wear life are attributes associated with Tsubaki's engineered class product.

U.S. Tsubaki offers a full lineup of engineering class chain, including Drive, Roller Conveyor, Steel Bushed, Welded Steel, Drop Forged, Bar and Pin and more. For additional information, please select a product group below.

Engineering Class Drive ChainsEngineering Class
Drive Chains
  Roller Conveyor ChainsRoller Conveyor
  Steel Bushed ChainsSteel Bushed
  Welded Steel ChainsWelded Steel
  Drop Forged Rivetless ChainsDrop Forged
Rivetless Chains
Bar & Pin and Double Flex ChainsBar & Pin and Double
Flex Chains
  Specialty ChainsSpecialty Chains

  One-Touch Inspection DoorOne-Touch
Inspection Door
  Industry Specific ChainsIndustry Specific
  Engineering Class SprocketsEngineering
Class Sprockets

Tsubaki Chain is Found in Diverse Applications including food packaging, forklift trucks, oilfield drilling, motorcycles,
and any other application that requires durable conveyors and
maximum power transfer in a compact space.

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