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  1. How Tsubaki’s Pin Gear Drive Units Compare to Traditional Gear Sets

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    Gear drives transmit torque and angular energy as rotary motion through a rotating gear that engages with other gears of varying sizes. The size, angle, and configuration of the gear components determines the amount of power transmitted, the speed of transmission, and the load bearing capabilities of the drive unit. Pin gear drives are a particular gear drive system with a fixed-axle gear that interacts with a large cylindrical pin wheel or rack using precision-cut teeth. Pin gear drives have relatively simple structure, with easily maintained and low-cost components.

    At Tsubaki, we are pleased to offer state-of-the-art pin gear drives in a variety of sizes, diameters, and configurations. As a leading provider of mechanical power transmission components, we have the knowledge and capabilities to create an ideal motion solution for virtually any application. Our pin gear drives feature unsurpassed rotation precision and angular accuracy, are easy to install, and can transmit high amounts of torque, allowing dependable tracking while reducing wheel slip and component wear. The dependability of our pin gear drives makes them ideal power transmission components for heavy-duty, low-speed applications, as well as situations where particle intrusion and low lubrication are common.

    Pin Gear Drive Mechanism

    A pin gear drive unit consists of a cylindrical pin gear with teeth, which rotates on a fixed axis against a pin rack or wheel. The rotary motion of the gear translates into rotary or linear motion, depending on whether the drive incorporates a pin wheel or rack. The teeth of the pin gear interact with the rollers on the pin wheel or rack to facilitate dependable energy transmission.

    Tsubaki’s Pin Gear Drive Units are available in a wide range of pin wheel diameters and pin rack lengths, allowing users to tailor the drive to meet particular application needs. We fabricate pin gears from hardened steel for optimal wear resistance and strength, and engineer them with specialized teeth to facilitate constant, smooth engagement with the rollers of the wheel or rack. The tooth profile of each gear is matched to the approximate involute of the pin wheel or rack to ensure dependable operation, energy transfer efficiency, and long service life.

    Features of Tsubaki’s Pin Gear Drive Unit

    Tsubaki’s Pin Gear Drive Unit offers a variety of cutting-edge features that make it stronger and more dependable than traditional gear sets. With Tsubaki’s pin gear drives, you enjoy:

    • Simple installation. With fewer components than a standard gear setup, Tsubaki’s pin gear drives are easy to install and maintain, saving both time and money.
    • Large transmission torque. With specially designed teeth made to interlock cleanly and reliably with the pin wheel or rack, our pin gears have the strength and reliability to transmit high levels of torque without excess friction or slippage.
    • Compatible with large equipment. Available in a wide range of diameters and sizes, Tsubaki’s pin gear drives can be used in heavy-duty equipment applications that require strong, reliable power transmission.
    • Corrosion resistance. Tsubaki offers a comprehensive line of stainless steel products specifically engineered for use in corrosive environments. Our S Series stainless steel power transmission components feature strengthened stainless steel that will maintain structural integrity in conditions that would compromise standard gear designs.
    • Customized specifications. We offer a variety of custom specifications to suit varying applications. Choose from a variety of surface treatments, locking pin gears, small backlashes, and many other special design options to tailor your drive to your particular needs.

    Superior Pin Gear Drive Units From Tsubaki

    At Tsubaki, we are committed to providing innovative power drive solutions for customers in a wide array of industries. No matter how challenging your application, we have a design to fit your needs. To learn more about Tsubaki’s pin gear drives and other power transmission products, contact us today!