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During the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. Tsubaki is offering virtual plant visits & meetings to help with your operational issues. Click here to request virtual assistance.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. Tsubaki is offering virtual plant visits & meetings to help with your operational issues. Click here to request virtual assistance.

Clean and Quiet Cable Carrier Systems

The QUANTUM and MCL carrier systems help you regain your peace and quiet. Noise is eliminated at the source - thanks to innovative design and novel materials.

Quantum - preventing noise from the beginning:

Quantum, the extremely quiet cable and hose carrier from KABELSCHLEPP, has a unique one-piece extruded linkless design. Its absence of moving links eliminates the so-called "polygon effect". With QUANTUM there is no more noise of chain links hitting the radius perimeter or banging on the ground - so noise level becomes practically nil. The material - polypropylene - absorbs vibrations, thus producing less noise when the carrier is moving. Polypropylene's smooth surface also keeps travel noises generated by component friction to a minimum. Additionally Quantum is much better suited to clean room applications than traditional "link" style carrier systems because there are not pivot points on the hinges to rub against each other and generate particulates.
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A simple yet brilliant way to eliminate noise:

The modular cable and hose carrier consists of single carrier made from vibration absorbing polypropylene. Components made from this material practically glide on each other or on channel floors with hardly any friction. Like QUANTUM does not have any chain links or moving joints, thus eliminating noise normally associated with the "polygon effect".
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MCL - chain links that "tiptoe":

The new MCL version of the tried and tested MC carrier system is extremely quiet. New "soft" stops have been integrated into the joints, thus considerably reducing travel noises. In addition, soft absorption elements in the outer perimeter help to minimize impact noise. Noise emissions often caused by the "polygon effect" are eliminated.
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Clean and Quiet Cable & Hose Carrier Systems

Included Product Lines:

Quantum - The future of carrier system technology

Varitrak MCL - Noise reduction Option

Conduflex - Rugged tube style cable and hose carriers with a stainless steel shell

Microtrak - New and improved design results in lower price with higher performance

TKR 0200 - Low-noise, low-vibration, cable carrier suitable for clean rooms

Extruded-molded carriers offer extremely flexible designs in a wide range of sizes with a unique twist. This revolutionary design answers almost all of the most difficult design requests such as...

  • I need a quiet carrier...
  • I need a clean carrier...
  • I need a carrier half the weight of any typical carrier now available...
  • I need a carrier system capable of handling extremely high speeds...
  • I need a carrier system capable of handling extremely high accelerations...
  • I need a carrier system that is too hyper sensitive to misalignment...
  • I need a carrier that can handle both rotating (twist) and lateral movements...

KabelSchlepp has developed such a revolutionary and patented carrier system that answers all these needs and establishes another industry design benchmark.

These systems uniquely allow the customer the complete design flexibility to "shape" their carrier system to [their] exact needs - a fundamental KabelSchlepp philosophy - make our design flexible so the customer design doesn't need to be.

Since this product group shares a great deal of technology with the Varitrak series, more than 25,000 carrier and cavity variations are possible.

The Quantum carrier systems have extruded side-bands (strands) of varying sizes with integral steel ropes for incredible tensile strength. Two of these side-bands are then connected to each other with reinforced nylon and/or aluminum bars, rods and/or sleeves forming the cavity in which the cables or hoses are safely managed. The unique Quantum side-band design all but eliminates the "Polygon-Effect". KabelSchlepp studied and coined the "polygon-effect" decades ago. Essentially this is what describes the typical bouncing (or hopping) phenomenon of all linked carrier systems that happens when a link with a defined pitch and radius travels around an arc. Thus, eliminating this effect results in extremely smooth, quiet and clean operation. Dramatic reductions in vibration and noise were measured. An 18+ dba reduction from standard link carrier systems was regularly achieved and measured.

Quantum holds our title of being the absolute quietest carrier available anywhere from anyone.

Wide ranges of innovative carrier cavity designs are available. Standard cavity system designs with strong nylon bars or the most cable friendly designs that use smooth aluminum!

As with our ground breaking modular-molded designs, when using Quantum the selected design configuration depends solely on what the designer requires for the particular application in question.

All such modular-extruded systems have vertical and/or horizontal internal cavity partitions available to enable the design engineer the ultimate in safe cable and hose management capabilities.

Size Range:
Smallest Standard Cavity:
28mm (1.10") wide by 28mm (1.10") high
Largest Standard Cavity:
600mm (23.62") wide by 72mm (2.83") high
Standard [Stock] Chain-Band Materials:
Cavity Materials:
Aluminum bar and rod stock, PA (Standard), Stainless Steel (Call factory for details)
Normal Operating Temperature Range:
-30ºC (-22ºF) through +110ºC (+230ºF)
UV Resistant:
Black (Stock), other colors available (Made To Order)

Key Features:

  • Premium cable, hose and air line protection in extreme moving applications
  • Easy and safe cable or hose installation
  • Light-weight, half the weight of any comparable carrier system
  • Capable of handling accelerations of 10G's
  • Extremely durable, back and forth cycle travel longevity of 100,000+ kilometers possible!
  • Unsurpassed strength and vibration resistance
  • +/- 30º degree twist capabilities
  • +/- 30º degree lateral movement capabilities
  • A truly silent carrier system, less than 50 dba operating noise
  • Extremely low wear and abrasion resistant smooth aluminum cross-bars
  • Ideal for clean room applications
  • Single and multi-level cable and hose strain-relief brackets
  • Twist-opening cavity access bars, that snap-lock closed.
  • Vertical dividers and/or horizontal shelving cavity partitioning available
  • Cable and hose friendly internal cavity
  • No maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant