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S Series Varitrak Cable Carrier

Description: Extremely rugged and capable of handling extremes in heat and cold. Varitrak S carrier systems feature mill-duty pinned, bolted side bands constructed from steel, with nylon or all metal cavity separators and optional aluminum lids for superior protection from hot chips, dirt and debris. Also available with extruded aluminum twist on/off or bolted bars, or custom split-bored aluminum frame-stay bars.

Cavity Size Range:
Smallest: 31mm height x 59mm wide -0650S Series
Largest: Can be scaled to fit any sized cable or hose

Key Features:

  • Extremely durable stainless or plated steel side chain band material
  • Quick and easy cable installation
  • Available with twist on/off reinforced aluminum frame stays
  • Available with bolted on heavy-duty aluminum or plated steel frame stays
  • Available with bolted on heavy-duty aluminum frame stays with frictionless Delrin rolling surfaces
  • Available with made-to-order bored aluminum bars
  • Vertical and horizontal cable separation in nylon or aluminum available
  • Mounting brackets allow for flush face connections
  • Super sized carriers can be scaled up to fit almost any large application imaginable
  • Extended travel length possibilities (see Rolling Carriage Extended Travel Systems)
  • Custom designs are readily available, please consult factory.
Varitrak S Cable Carrier


KABELSCHLEPP'S Varitrak S Cable & Hose Carriers with steel bands are used where energy has to be supplied to machinery in motion. Steel mill equipment, welding and flame cutting machinery, large machine tools, large gantry cranes, robotics, etc., etc.

KABELSCHLEPP dynamic cable and hose carriers have been in use for over 40 years around the world and provide superior protection and control for all cables and hoses in motion, in single or multiple axis.


The Varitrak Series S (Steel) cable c& hose carriers consist of two or more high strength steel chain bands which run parallel and are connected at intervals (typically every other link) by frame stays (carriers).

KABELSCHLEPP frame stays which are available in several different types provide superior support of the cables/hoses.

The chain bands are designed to be self-supporting while maintaining the specified (minimum) bending radius.

KABELSCHLEPP chain bands are made from extremely high strength galvanized steel. Stainless steel available at extra cost.

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