Torque Limiters Ensure Uninterrupted Conveyor Operations


Torque Limiter Sprockets Tsubaki

When debris gets into your conveyor, it can cause torque overloads that seriously damage the belt and other critical components, leading to unscheduled downtime. While you might not be able to fully prevent a mechanical jam or blockage from occurring, you can reduce the risk to other machine components by using a torque limiting device.

In the tire manufacturing industry, for example, it’s common for rubber chips and shreds to get into the conveyor. Torque limiters are installed to ensure that when jams do occur, they do not place excessive force on other components. If the conveyor jams and causes a torque overload, the torque limiter will automatically disconnect the driving motor from the driven components. Once the overload is removed, the device will automatically reset, ensuring minimal interruptions to operations.

While torque limiters play an essential role in safeguarding conveyor equipment, they can be a hassle to assemble and install. Until recently, industry professionals typically had to assemble the limiting device, springs, bushings and sprocket by themselves. Not only does this process take extra time, it can be easy to misplace small components or assemble the pieces incorrectly.

To help streamline the installation process and provide a more complete torque limiting solution, U.S. Tsubaki recently introduced pre-assembled Torque Limiter Sprockets, which combine our high-quality Sprockets and Overload Protection Devices into one single product. You can now simply install the fully assembled unit to the drive shaft, set the torque limit, and move forward with operation. This greatly reduces any chance for error and increases operational efficiency.

Torque Limiter Sprockets

Tsubaki’s Torque Limiter Sprockets are highly customizable and available in various sizes and tooth counts to suit any application. The units are machined-to-order at U.S. Tsubaki’s corporate headquarters just outside of Chicago, IL. To learn more about Tsubaki’s new Torque Limiter Sprockets, download the product brochure here, or visit

For more information on Tsubaki’s wide selection of both mechanical and electrical overload protection devices, click here, or contact us today to request specific information from our team.

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