Maximizing Cable Life by Customizing Your Crossbar Selection


Vario-Line Cable Carrier

There are a variety of design parameters that should be taken into account when selecting a cable carrier, such as size, pitch, and inner height. One important but often overlooked consideration is the type of crossbar that’s used in the cable track design.

Crossbars are integral to a cable carrier’s structural stability, but they can also affect the lifespan of your cables and hoses. For example, some plastic crossbars are made of an abrasive nylon material, which will wear on the jacket of your hoses and cables over time.

Aluminum crossbars, on the other hand, can help you increase cable and hose life. Aluminum causes less abrasion and can also withstand exposure to UV light much better than plastic nylon crossbars.

Many companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to crossbar design, so it can be a challenge to find a cable carrier that meets your specific application requirements. If you are looking for a solution to maximize cable life in long travel systems, the Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® Vario-Line offers several advantages.

A Solution for Extending Cable Wear Life

The Vario-Line features a large selection of horizontal crossbar options for your cables. These include an assortment of different aluminum shaped crossbars that are available in 1mm width sections up to 800 mm inner width. In addition, we have crossbars with integrated rollers, crossbars made of nylon, and fully enclosed crossbars in both aluminum and nylon. We can also manufacture a variety of custom crossbars made of metallic material to perfectly fit the needs of your cable and hose package.

These options make it easier for you to customize your cable track system to meet your application needs. Other benefits of the Vario-Line system include:

• Enhanced durability: The carrier features a sturdy link plate design and encapsulated, dirt-resistant link pin that can help maximize wear life.

• Easy assembly: Locking bolts make it easy to assemble side bands. The carrier can also be opened quickly on the inside and the outside for cable installation.

• Long service life: The Vario-Line uses replaceable glide shoes for long service life in long travel applications.

To learn more about the features of the Vario-Line, download our brochure.

For more information on other cable carrying products, including nylon, steel and hybrid types, visit our Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® cable carriers page.

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