Tsubaki’s Guide to Power Transmission Components

Power transmission systems require various components to function properly. If you’re looking for high-quality power transmission components, it’s important to know what to look for based on your system’s specific needs.

What Are Some Key Components of Power Transmission?

Depending on your requirements, there are several components to use that will keep your power transmission system performing efficiently and cost-effectively.

U.S. Tsubaki offers a comprehensive line of products and customer support services to help improve the performance of our customers’ equipment. Our power transmission products include POWER-LOCK® keyless locking devices, Zip Chain Actuators®, torque limiters, shock relays, shaft couplings, and pin gear drive units.

Zip Chain Actuators® and POWER-LOCK® Keyless Locking Devices

Zip Chain Actuators®

Our patented Zip Chain Actuator® (ZCA) helps resolve issues related to linear actuator applications. Backed by over 100 years of Tsubaki manufacturing experience, the ZCA is a linear actuator that “zips” chain segments together. This design forms a compact, rigid actuator arm that offers efficient, high-speed, long-lasting, and multipoint stopping operation.

POWER-LOCK® Keyless Locking Devices

Our POWER-LOCK® keyless locking devices help prevent keyway damage due to heavy loads. The POWER-LOCK® solution fits snugly around the transmission’s hub/shaft and is unaffected by load reversals. With this product, you’ll be able to eliminate the costs of maintaining and replacing keyways, threads, steps, splined shafts, and grooves.

The POWER-LOCK® device also makes removal and installation easier than ever—simply slide the unit into place and use the keyless shaft-hub lock, which boosts shaft strength while handling high thrust and torque. It only requires a single tool to assemble, eliminating the need for shrink or press fits.

Our POWER-LOCK® tool is available for immediate shipment and is suitable for locking in small to large sprockets, pulleys, gears, rollers, and timing cams.

Shock Relays and Shock Guards

We also offer a selection of shock relays and shock guards that offer unique benefits for protecting your power transmission system.

Electronic Shock Relays

Our electronic shock relays are adjustable, accurate devices that help determine whether your equipment is functioning the way it should. As soon as the device identifies a problem through a decrease or increase in line amperage, it causes the line to shut down, protecting your expensive equipment. The shock relay is quick, safe, and secure, helping save you money and time.

After correcting the line surge, you can reset the system with the touch of a button using a manual or automatic reset option. There is no need for teardown, resulting in reduced downtime and increased efficiency.

Tsubaki Mechanical Shock Guards

These overload protection devices feature robust designs and fully mechanical operation, making them suitable for environments with high temperatures, humidity, or dust that could otherwise compromise electronic systems. Our shock guards disengage when the system reaches the pre-set torque limit and re-engage once those torque values fall under the pre-set level, safeguarding your power transmission system.

Some specific features of our shock guards include:

  • One Position — Designed to engage only one position in a single rotation, the shock guard prevents phase misalignment.
  • High Precision — The shock guards offer superior precision and repeatability with any torque setting.
  • Low Backlash — Backlash-free systems are available for use with servo motor drives.

Shaft Couplings

U.S. Tsubaki also offers a variety of shaft couplings.

Roller Chain Couplings

Our roller chain couplings are constructed with two modified sprockets and a double-strand roller chain. This compact design is simple yet effective, with sprockets made using hardened teeth and a robust chain, both of which can transmit a high amount of torque.

The single-pin connection design exclusive to Tsubaki streamlines the coupling’s handling and installation. This design also makes it easy for the chain to be uninstalled and reinstalled for reduced downtime and labor requirements.

Get High-Quality Power Transmission Components From U.S. Tsubaki

U.S. Tsubaki carries a selection of dependable power transmission components to meet your unique requirements. We can help you find the products that will solve your power transmission issues in the most cost-effective, efficient way.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and support services.

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