Protect Your Cables from Dirt, Grime and Particulates


When selecting the proper cable carrier for your application, consider the environment in your plant.  Are your dynamic cables coming into contact with foreign bodies, such as hot chips, chemicals, or other contaminants that might cause damage to the cables? If so, they might need extra protection.  For example, a machine tool that cuts material such as metal or glass will create shavings, chips, and other particulates that can fall on the cable track. Once inside the cable carrier, these particles will cause wear and tear on the cables and hoses as they move. This could lead to severe cutting and damaging of the cables over time, which may result in cable failure, contribute to downtime, and ultimately, lost revenue.

Selecting the right enclosed cable carrier


Enclosed plastic and hybrid cable carriers offer an additional layer of protection, ensuring that debris cannot enter the carrier. These are ideal for applications where coarse contamination, such as chips, metal parts, glass splinters or hot metal spatter, is likely. In many cases, enclosed cable carriers are also used to hide the cables for aesthetic reasons.

The IP Enclosure Rating indicates the level of protection a cable carrier provides against outside contaminants and can help you select the right cable carrier solution for your needs.


Ensuring maximum protection with the Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® TKA Series

The industry’s highest-rated enclosed cable track is the Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® TKA series, which is ideal for environments where machine cutting equipment is manufactured or used. It has an IP54 rating, which means the enclosed cable track will not allow anything down to a dust particle or liquid splash to enter the carrier. This level of protection will help ensure maximum life for your cables and hoses.

The TKA enclosed cable track can be made with a variety of material types for custom applications, including custom molded materials to protect against hot chips up to 850 °C. In addition to the high level of protection it offers, the TKA series cable track uses easy-open lids for installation and inspection – offering access to the cables at any link of the cable track – and operates quietly.

To learn more about the product features, design principles and applications of TKA Carrier, download our brochure here.

For more information on other cable carrying products, including nylon, steel, and hybrid carriers, visit our Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® cable carriers page or contact us today for assistance choosing the best cable carrier for your specific application.

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