PROTUM Office Series Enables Smart Cable Management


KabelSchlepp® Protum

Cable management is an important consideration for any space that will house technology equipment or systems—including servers, computers, monitors, and more. Control rooms and data centers for powerplants, utility companies, emergency dispatch centers, and other industries providing essential services all need effective cable management solutions to ensure efficient and uninterrupted operation.If cables are not properly organized, they can get tangled and become difficult for a technician to conduct maintenance, troubleshoot and repair. They can also take up valuable desk space and are not visually appealing. Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® PROTUM Office Series offers a space-saving cable management solution for these environments. The small, light cable carriers can be easily installed at workstations and in control rooms to keep cables organized and protected.


Layout allows for proper spacing between cables

With an inner width of 50 mm and the ability to install cables along both sides of the center element, PROTUM Office allows for complete separation of data and power cables. Ensuring the proper separation is important because power cables can create an electromagnetic interference that will slow the speed of data transmission if the two cables are positioned too closely together.

Easy installation saves time

Installing PROTUM Office is quick and easy – simply press the cables into the tracks. PROTUM Office also offers a high degree of customization in terms of how it is positioned to the workstation. End connectors can be fixed underneath table tops or cable ducts, to rectangular or round table legs, or to the floor.


Sleek design blends in with office environments


KabelSchlepp® Protum Office Cable Carrier

Tucking away electrical cables also helps keep workspaces clear and organized. With a sleek, linkless design, PROTUM Office blends right into the office environment. Available in a variety of color combinations, including silver, black, and white, PROTUM Office can also be customized to match many desk designs.

In addition to PROTUM Office, Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp® offers several other customized cable carrier solutions for standard applications. Our specialists are available to support customers from the planning and design stage to the onsite installation of the complete system.

To learn more about PROTUM Office, download the brochure, or contact us today to request more information from our team.

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