Tsubaki Shock Relay Overload Protection Product Catalog

The probability of impact damage to a machine is inevitable. Eventually, a machine will jam due to an obstruction, feed jam, foreign object intrusion, mechanical failure, etc. Something will happen, and there’s no telling when. Unintended load changes on the equipment can have big consequences.

As equipment becomes more integrated, a shock or jam in one part of the production line can snowball into a complete system shutdown – resulting in damaged equipment, loss of product, and reduced productivity. Protect what you value. It doesn’t have to happen. Tsubaki’s family of overload protection devices offer a solution to fit every need.

Our family of overload protection devices keeps you productive all day, every day without interruption to assure maximum productivity is maintained. Tsubaki offers the finest power transmission products in the industry and provides protection for those parts and the equipment they belong to. Tsubaki Shock Relay and Shock Monitor products provide inexpensive insurance for expensive equipment.

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