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K Series Varitrak Cable Carrier

Description: Robust snap-together design, constructed from high strength, fiber reinforced nylon side bands and separators with extruded aluminum twist on/off, bolted bar, or split bored-hole aluminum frame stay options.

Cavity Size Range:
Smallest: 38mm height x 76mm wide
Largest: 58mm height x 559mm wide

Key Features:

  • Extremely durable fiber-reinforced nylon side chain band material
  • Patented triple kidney with expanding pin snap together link design
  • Quick and easy cable installation
  • Available with twist on/off reinforced aluminum bars, bolted on heavy-duty aluminum frame stays bars, or made-to-order bored aluminum bars
  • Optional frictionless Delrin rolling surfaces
  • Snap-in vertical and horizontal cable separation in nylon available
  • Vertical and horizontal cable separation in aluminum available
Varitrak K Cable Carrier


Due to the unlimited variation of frame stay (cross bar) types and their availability in a multitude of widths, VARITRAK SERIES K (manufactured from high strength glass fiber reinforced nylon) is an industry benchmark, for strength, reliability and design. All of the advantages of a nylon carrier (eg. long travel lengths, self-lubrication, and maintenance free) can now be utilized in applications that previously required a large steel carrier design. VARITRAK SERIES K is an extremely rigid carrier with an integral (patented) link interlocking system that is ideally suited for carrying heavy loads and sustaining high shock loads (up to 2G's). In addition, extremely high acceleration, deceleration and travel speeds are possible. Integral glide shoe surfaces allow this carrier to span great travel distances (300 feet and beyond) when used in conjunction with a KABELSCHLEPP AMERICA custom designed and manufactured Guide Channel.

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